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Our Treatments

Fueled by proprietary science and cross-disciplinary expertise, our integrated health treatments are 100% bespoke and backed by precision data. 

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Epigenetic toxicity testing allows us to identify toxins at the cellular level, and measure their negative impact. Our strategy is to treat the accumulation of toxins on the nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, cellular membranes and proteins, aberrant lipids and immune complexes with oral or intravenous lipids, methylation and sulfation support.

Alongside harmful toxins, it is also possible to assess the activity of detoxifying enzymes such as Cytochrome P 450, Superoxiddismutase (SOD), Glutathion-S-Transferase and many more, as well as measure the energy of the cell’s ATP metabolism.

Infection Diagnosis involves the identification of acute infections and chronic diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites, which can often be found in cases of wrongly diagnosed or long term illnesses.

Using a standard blood chemistry test, statistical-based analysis allows us to diagnose deficiencies and imbalances – down to individual micronutrients – and even toxic stress conditions. Building off of this framework, our therapists asess various bodily systems including protein supply, fat metabolism, electrolyte, renal and liver functions. Once the diagnosis is complete, the therapist is equipped with dietary modification and substitution proposals with cofactors such as vitamins and mineral nutrients and substrates such as oils and proteins. Together, these constitute a personalized nutrient regime for each individual patient.


A microbiological stool analysis is carried out in order to examine the functional efficiency of the intestinal flora, gallbladder and pancreas. Our testing examines patient samples on the basis of: the diversity of the microbial cells (aerobic and anerobic bacteria), digestive residues (fats, nitrogen, sugars) digestive performance (pancreas, bile acids), integrity and permeability of intestinal mucosa, gut-associated immune system (secretory IgA). Once diagnosed, a program of probiotics and bacterial gut products (FMT) is administered for the purpose of restoring gut-associated immune system.

The key to our long term health, a strong immune system is a prerequisite for confronting viruses, bacteria and allergens and supporting body’s defense against cancer. In-depth blood analysis and extensive immuno diagonostics are used to reveal deficiencies in the immune system, which can be treated in a targeted manner with a range of immunity-stimulating medication and immunotherapy. 
Our mood, memory, advertency, motivation and learning ability depend on the interaction of neurotransmitters such as cortisol, adrenalin, noradrenalin, dopamine and serotonin. Neurotransmitter dysfunction leads to neurostress, and can create physical, psychic and mental disorders. Our Neurotransmitter Diagnosis begins with a laboratory analysis by means of urine and saliva tests. Treatment is implemented with the administration of the natural precursors of neurotransmitters, such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
Our Fatty Acid Analysis assesses* the balance of fatty acids in the body’s erythrocyte cells, in order to determine the effects of toxicity at the cellular level. Focusing on mitochondrial diseases such as CFS, the test quantifies the presence of long-chain fatty acids, and allows our therapists to establish the presence of sufficient structure fats, as well as the precursors of myelin sheaths. Additionally, all intermediate metabolic steps of the essential fatty acids Omega3 and Omega6 are listed, enabling the therapist to draw conclusions on an under- or oversupply, as well as metabolic problems. The final report provides the therapist with suggestions for a therapeutic regime and detailed nutrition recommendations.
*The actual analytics are performed at the Kennedy Krieger Research Laboratory, Biovis Diagnostic Laboratory in Germany,  John Hopkins Academic Medical Center, Baltimore, USA, a leader in fatty acid analysis as well as research on associated disorders. 


Tailored to each patient, our signature treatment applies Phosphatidylcholine (PC) to renew and detoxify at the cellular level. Used in Germany over decades for the treatment of toxic liver damage and hypercholesterinaemia, Phosphatidylcholine helps the liver, brain and nerves, joints, muscles – and, in fact all tissues – to effectively regenerate.  Our Infusion Therapy combines  Phosphatidylcholine with biological and immunological methods, including the use of specific substances such as glutathione, micronutrients and individual nutrition, to develop powerful intravenous and oral treatment protocols. 
Ultimately, Infusion Therapy is designed to support and optimize the body’s natural detoxifying processes. By promoting healthier cell membranes, especially for predominantly adipose organs such as the liver, gall bladder and brain, Infusion Therapy helps the body to expel harmful neurotoxins such as heavy metals – as well as bacteria toxins and other toxic and xenogeneic substances. 
To treat the buildup of heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides, individual treatment protocols of Phosphatidylcholine Therapy are designed to regenerate and detoxify. In connection with substances such as glutathione, micronutrients and individual nutrition, highly effective intravenous and oral treatment protocols combine biological and immunological methods.
Our largest immune organ, a sound colon is the foundation for a sound body. A sick colon is frequently the cause of symptoms such as loss of vitality, fatigue, depressions, deficiency in concentration, and more, and a co-factor in chronic diseases such as rheumatism, polyarthritis, allergies and other major illnesses.  Our soft medical colonics effectively removes putrefactive substances from the large intestine, to positively affect symbiosis in the flora of the colon. After the natural cleaning process, regenerative bioactive substances are instilled for the liver, gall bladder and intestine. Correctly applied, soft medical colonics is exempt from adverse effects.

To address contemporary inflammatory bowel diseases, various treatment strategies have been developed, with dietary modification playing a central role. Probiotics and prebiotics are particularly important in healing damage caused by antibiotics and toxins. In the realm of detoxification and regeneration, Medical Soft Colonics and individual retention enemas are essential for rejuvenating the intestinal mucosa and improving the functions of the liver and gallbladder. Recent studies highlight the significance of live bacterial treatments, such as Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT). FMT revitalizes the gut flora, supporting the 'second brain' in our intestinal system. A crucial element in the treatment spectrum, the impact of FMT goes beyond gastrointestinal health to influence immune response and cognitive function. 


Intermittent Hypoxia Training (IHT) applies a controlled lack of oxygen to create hypoxia, in order to increase efficiency in critical cells such as mitochondria. With lowered oxygen saturation – which can be achieved naturally at high altitudes – the body adapts with elevated energy product, the stimulation of healthy mitochondrial duplication, and the production of antioxidants. Additionally, IHT is also proven to train the parasympathetic nervous system,  which assists in all healing and recovery processes.


Especially after epigenetic detoxification and the repair of cellular and mitochondrial structures, IHT can be tremendously beneficial. Our IHT practice is a physical training and takes place sitting, relaxing and breathing individually programmed cycles of mountain air.

 Medical Hypnosis is designed to achieve an altered state of mind-body awareness and enhanced relaxation, in order to improve focus and concentration. In our practice, we focus the attention on the subconscious, increasing the openness for motivation or changes in behavior. This leads to better communication and awareness of the basic functions of our mind, soul and body  – down the cellular level. The benefits are stress and anxiety relief, resetting the parasympathetic nervous system for self -healing processes.
Conscious Breathing promotes cell vitality, rebalances stressed emotional dynamics, expands brain clarity, powers cognitive function, supports restful sleep, and restores body functions. With coordinated cranio-sacral spine movements, we increase spinal fluid activity, triggering the relaxation mechanisms of our autonomous nervous system, and enhancing blood circulation and oxygen flow. As a result, we unlock wide-ranging benefits for physical, mental and emotional well-being. 
Micronutrient treatment (also called Orthomolecular Therapy) involves the specific dosing of vitamins, minerals and ultratrace elements. For those suffering from chronic disorders, toxicity, stress, state of exhaustion and excessive pressure, supplementation is both necessary and advisable. 
Building off of our patient analytics, we provide bespoke Nutritional Counseling that  encompasses the following key concerns: the support of the cell membrane, the consistent maintenance of a normally low insulin level, the application of dietary fiber as well as secondary plant ingredients, and the preservation of alkaline balance.

 When cells are supplied with oxygen, energy is generated. By adding and mixing blood with neutral, slightly ionized or even ozonised oxygen, our Oxygen Therapy activates cellular respiration and increases energy. The quantity of ozone/oxygen dosage is tailored to each patient’s cellular and immunological requirements. 


Recently, for improving mitochondrial function in chronic health issues, we’ve introduced ozone high dose therapy. This treatment features larger repeated blood reinjections of oxygen/ozone mixtures, in order to improve capillary function and cellular response in bacterial and viral infections.


Our approach is designed to complement mainstream cancer treatments. The conventional modern medical treatment of cancer can be extended through the use of biological and immunological methods such as mistletoe, thymus, vitamin, enzyme and mineral nutrient therapies. New experimental therapies are introduced according to individual situations and needs.

 To help patients maintain good health in their daily lives, after they have left the clinic or between visits, we design individual adapted protocols for local treatment. These include the ongoing evaluation of epigenetic toxicity, blood and immune parameters, and microbiome health, and are supported by remote consultations as-needed. 
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