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Our Founders


Founder & MD

With generations of doctors in his family, Dr. Meinrad Milz came to medicine naturally. His father worked as a medical doctor and three of his brothers are currently active in medicine. His professional background marries extensive experience in oncology with the integrated, holistic and non-traditional practices.  

1977 – 1979 Pharmacology studies at Würzburg University

1979 – 1984 Medical student at the Universities of Hamburg, Innsbruck (Austria), Würzburg and Basel (Switzerland)

1984 – 1989 Assistant Doctor in internal medicine. Training in naturopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and neuraltherapy while working at his father’s clinic for general medicine

1990 – 1998 Assistant Medical Director at Veramed Klinik in Meschede, Germany. Practicing traditional oncology integrated with immunological and holistic approaches to the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases.

1994 – 2005 Training in body-centered therapies with Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph. D. and Dr. Gay Hendricks, Ph. D.

1998 - Present Founder of Milz-Bieber Health Clinic, with my wife, Katrin Bieber, MD.



Founder & MD

Dr. Katrin Bieber also comes from a medical family; she is the youngest of four siblings, all of whom became medical doctors. Alongside traditional medical practices, she has dedicated herself to a wide range of natural and integrated methods, including body-mind training, nutrition, the detoxification of heavy metals, and more.


1981 – 1987 Medical studies at Ulm University, Germany. Her supplementary studies focused on natural healing methods, including acupuncture, nutrition, neural therapy, ozone therapy, immunology, herbal treatments and supplementation.

1987 – 1989 Assistant Doctor at Clinic Dr. W. Wurster in Kisslegg, focusing on general health care, pediatrics, and traditional Chinese medicine. 

1987 – 1989 Assistant Doctor at Clinic Dr. Barbara Graef in Hohenpeißenberg, family practitioner. 

1987 – 1989 Assistant Doctor at Clinic Dr. Gerda Gerz-Baunz in Munich, focusing on natural medicine.

1989 – 1990 Additional training and medical seminars from groundbreaking medical leaders like Bill Rea (Dallas), Gaston Naessons (Montreal), Bernie Sigl (Boston).

1990 – 1992 Veramed Klinik in Meschede, Germany. Specializing in cancer treatment, practicing traditional, natural and immune therapies.

1993 – 2005 Training with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and other scientists on specialties including the detoxification of heavy metals, testing interference fields, biochemistry, nutrition and blood test analyses.


Our Philosophy


Powered by proprietary science, we specialize in identifying, preventing and treating the root causes of illness at the cellular level. Experienced in Western medicine as well as integrated, natural and non-traditional methods, we unite cutting-edge science, precision data and cross-disciplinary expertise to provide holistic, 360° care. 

Our mission is to empower every patient to take charge of their health. That’s why, following a highly personal approach, we work to optimize our patients’ individual wellbeing, and give them the tools to maintain their progress into the future. 

Critically, our approach is also grounded in the mind-body connection. We work with our patients to elevate physical, spiritual and emotional health, and to apply the skills for conscious living and relationships, in order to bring greater creativity, love and vitality into their lives.


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