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What Our Patients Say

"Just to give feedback on my experience last year with respect to the work on my teeths and jaws last year. First of all, l decided to go ahead with it, because I trust your diagnostic and treatment recommendation. In summary it was a big operation, but it was done professionally and skilfully with people who have their heart in the right place. I want to thank Katrin and Meinrad for convincing me to do this and I am glad I did."

Janharm M.
Amsterdam, Netherlands


"18 years being sick, a lot of treatments, nothing worked. THIS IS IT- MEDICAL CENTER VILLA THAL, Dr Meinrad Milz and Dr. Katrin Bieber. This is where I found my balance, the answers to my questions, my peace so therefore, MY HEALTH. Everything about me changed. My thought, my behavior, my ability to love, my HEALTH. … Everything in one place – MEDICAL DOCTORS that work as a team, a treatment that works, a learning process to apply on a daily basis that functions (diet, supplements, treatments), a mind shift, nurses that work with you during the process and for you, a beautiful house located in a beautiful place, love and understanding. The minute you arrive there, you start to change physically and mentally..."

Maria M.
Lisbon, Portugal



"It is imperative for us to emphasize how much we appreciate you for everything you, your wife and the entire clinic team have done for us."

Shaul S.
Tel Aviv, Israel

"The staff were amazing, positive, professional and always smiling and inviting . This was especially important as we travelled from far away Australia. We were nervous, excited and  anxious for results that meant an end to debilitating conditions and lifestyle. The combination of science, evidence based traditional medicine, backed by blood tests and genetic testing. With positive therapeutic treatments like massage, Physiotherapy, lymph drainage, colonics, meditation and positive thought processes were ideal. The FMT process was meticulously managed and gave amazing results for my daughter.

I was most impressed by both Doctors and the approach to my daughter. The overall holistic empathetic approach was much appreciated and also provided confidence, positivity and a feeling of being valued. I have returned to Australia knowing I will recommend the clinic to anyone who has issues with Lyme, IBS, Crohn’s disease. This is a  highly functional clinic with all staff exhibiting complete professional skills and abilities in the areas the program requires. I totally recommend Dr Milz and Dr Bieber as professional and caring medicos who have an amazing approach to assisting clients, combined with positive outcomes for many."

Trish M.
Perth, Australia

"They are fantastic doctors and I’ve personally witnessed amazing miracles over the past three years."

Roger V.


"Thank you sincerely Doctor Milz and Doctor Bieber for the most delightful two weeks. Your passion for our health and deep knowledge of your work are inspiring! The fact that you treat many doctors, scientists and other knowledgeable patients, who return often, also bolsters our confidence in your practice.

But, one of the things that impresses us the most is the family-like culture you’ve built around your wonderful staff. They all love working for you, which is made obvious by how long they been there, and as a result they are experts at their jobs! We feel like we are leaving family every time we depart for home after our treatments. Thanks for making our time so meaningful, both medically and emotionally when we’re with you. Your humility and love for us is inspiring. We will miss you and look forward to seeing you again."

David R.
Dallas, USA

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