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Q: I am interested in your detoxification / regeneration protocols, how do you precisely apply them in your clinic? A: The detoxification and regeneration protocols have been developed over many years and we always integrate new research and practical experiences in our medical expertise. The starting points with a new client are medical history, physical examination and the following tests as-needed: routine lab blood test, hormone blood test, epigenetic toxicity test, bacteria and virus testing, microbiome analysis. The protocol includes diet, supplements and comprehensive intravenous drip treatments.

Q: What tests would you perform to determine a patient's specific protocol? A: There are some more tests to find out individual deficiencies in minerals, vitamins and enzymes. The function of the immune system will be tested in clients with chronic viral, bacterial or fungal problems. Based on a thorough health questionnaire for toxicity we apply fairly new tests about the intracellular and DNA referred toxic situation. For specific microbiome analysis be used PCR genetic testing. Issues of acute or chronic mental/psychological stress will be addressed by so called neurotransmitter analysis. These neurotransmitters are messengers of our brain function. The heart rate variability tests show the individual ability of stress management.

Q: How often do patients staying at the clinic see a doctor and how long do the consulations last? A: The responsibility of our clinic lies in the hands of Katrin Bieber, M.D. and Meinrad Milz, M.D.. They see their clients for a first detailed meeting lasting one to two hours, afterwards on a daily basis Monday through Friday, depending on the individual needs. There will also be a final meeting with detailed recommendations – nutrition, supplements, medications, psychological strategies, – accompanied by an individual therapy plan and handouts.

Q: Do you use nutrition, oral supplements, IV A: Our medical concept is always based on the individual person and includes cell membrane regeneration via IV. application. Additional detoxification methods are comprehensive colonics, intramuscular or oral orthomolecular supplementation, individual nutritional recommendation. Reflexology methods and personal physical training are also part of our holistic concept.

Q: What does a typical day's schedule look like? A: On a typical day clients will start their treatment in the morning at our clinic. They all have a personal schedule. Normally the daily program lasts between three to five hours. Depending on personal needs, there are also treatments in the late afternoon or in the evening.

Q: How do you incorporate mind / body aspects into your practice? A: We strongly believe in the healing power of mind-body aspects. We offer hypnosis sessions focusing attention on the subconscious mind for accepting and understanding the powerful changes within your body and princess. We use and teach skills for conscious breathing focusing on relaxation of the autonomic nervous system, improving circulation and oxygen flow. Living conscious relationships of all kinds are crucial for mental and physical long-term health.

Q: What is the recommended duration of time for a first stay at the clinic? A: For the best outcome for our clients, we recommend the duration of two weeks for the first stay at our clinic.


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